What Experts Are Saying About Calories in Almonds

If you are on a diet, you will want to know the calories in everything you eat including calories in almonds. Almond is a type of nuts that are commonly used in chocolate bars, drinks and cakes. The crunchy of the nut is the main attraction of this almond. That is why it is usually used to accompany sweets which are usually soft and well, sweet. Some types of diet also require you to only eat certain amount of calories in one day. To do that, you need to know the calorie count of everything that you eat. So, here is the needed information for you.

The Almond Nutritional Fact

The calories in almonds vary depending on the size and how much you eat. Each almond contains roughly 7 calories. When you are eating sundae or a slice of cake with almond pieces on it, you can roughly count that as one almond. Add 7 calories to the piece of cake you are eating. And if you are ready for another piece, that means you also have to add another 7 calories to the calorie count.

Those are the calories in raw almonds. There are other types of almond too. The dry roasted almonds cost lower calories than the raw ones. There are also the salted dry roasted almonds with the salt on them adding the calorie count of the almonds. You can find almonds with honey and yogurt coat these days too. Honey adds calories while yogurt adds the calorie count too, but only a little. Different compositions of the almond and additional ingredients will give you different calories in almonds.

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Other than calories, almonds also posses other nutrition’s inside, that is important for our body too. Almond possess certain amount of fat too in it since it is included as a type of nut and nut always have fat in it. Consuming too many almonds might cause pimples if your skin is sensitive and you used to have many pimples during your period. Other than fat, raw almonds also have protein which is good for cell regeneration in our body. Still, consuming too many almonds is not good for your body. Crabs are other nutrition facts that can be found in almond. That is the composition of nutrition and calories in almonds.

Enjoying Calories in Almonds without Worry

Actually, you can still enjoy your almonds without having to worry about getting fat or getting lots of pimples on your face. The nutrition you can find in almonds is all fine and needed by our body. Even the fat and calories are needed as the energy source for our daily activities. The protein is needed for cell regeneration. Having almonds will not make you fat as long as you spend energy as much as you take it. So if you tighten your exercise schedule and keep your body moving actively during the day, you would not get yourself fat. The key is to keep moving. Moving will burn calories to energy. When calories are gone, the fat will be burnt and that way, there will be no more clogging fat. The calories in almonds will all be burnt down.

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