Calories in Almonds, the Amount of Energy Inside

The calories in almonds are actually just a small portion of the average overall calories we used to take every day. If you like almond ice cream, then you might wonder how many calories in almonds raw first. It is true that couting the calorie in raw ingredients is more effective than counting the calories in cooked meals. Now, let us take a closer look to know the nutrition facts of almonds and see how resourceful almonds are.

The Calories in Almonds in Chocolate

Usually, you would not be able to see the calories in almonds even when you have it in your chocolate bar. That is right that the most common place we find almonds is in chocolate bar. When you eat chocolate milk bar, usually there are some almond chips in the mix to add the texture as well as the taste. However, in the nutrition information, you would less likely find the almond calories specifically written in there. It is because the almond is already cooked together with the chocolate. The calories in almond are already added to the total calorie of the chocolate bar.

The calories in almonds that are still yet to be cooked are very easy. The amount of calorie per average size of an almond is 7 calories. The amount of almond used in one medium sized chocolate bar is up to one to three almonds. Not that many actually. So the amount of calories you are going to intake when you are eating a chocolate bar is actually not that many. So, it is okay. You do not have to be afraid of almond that much because the amount of calorie in it is not too high.

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Other Nutrition in Almond

Other than the amount of calories in almonds, you might also want to know what is in it. Almonds have some fat in it. Around the 30 percent of almonds is fat. The fat is a good energy supply if you exercise often and has a steady schedule of workout. Do not be afraid of fat because as long as you manage to burn it all every day, there will not be any fat left that will make you gain weight. This also applies to calories. Calories are actually an important element for our body because calories are our body fuel. Out body burn calories, change them into energy, and use the energy to do our daily activities. People with fewer activities but consume lots of calories will leave the calories unused. The unused calories will then be convert into fat. This is the cause of your weight gain.

Maintaining an ideal body shape is just by properly doing activities as much as you take calories and fat. This is the only way to keep your body in an ideal shape without any fat in unwanted places. If you already gain some weight, you can cut down your calorie entry every day, and increase your exercise every day. This way, all the fat will be burn out and you will not have to worry about calories in almonds anymore.

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