Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Calories in Almond Milk

While estimating calories in almond milk, you would have to see the variant of almond milk that you have at hand. There are two major types of almond milks, sweetened and unsweetened. Naturally, sweetened option has much more calories in almond milk than the unsweetened option. In fact, the amount of calories in almond milk, unsweetened, is only about 40, while the amount of calories in sweetened almond milk varies around 60. This is a major increase, approximately 50%, and this is why you need to choose carefully between them. Apart from almond milk, there are some other milk options which have lower than average calories in milk.

Calories in Almond Milk vs Regular Milk Options

 Apart from the option of almond milk, there are some other milk options that you can consider. Skimmed milk is one option that you can use for lowering the amount of calories in milk. Skimmed milk and semi skimmed milk are two options available in this regard. Which can help you with lowering the amount of calories in milk. While skimmed milk has lower calories in milk than the semi skimmed alternative. The difference is not too huge to be a major determinant of choice. In fact, the difference between skimmed milk and whole milk is so huge that people don’t like to take whole milk, unless a high amount of calories is require in the diet.

The calories in whole milk come out to be somewhere around 65 per 100 ml, while the calories in skim milk are only in the range of 30 to 35. The calories in milk are also influenced by other ingredients that you are using to make the glass of milk. Sugar, syrups, essences and extracts can influence the amount of calories in milk. That you are taking on a regular basis.

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Soy Milk

Apart from the other milk variants mentioned above. Soy milk is another option that you can utilize for lowering calories in milk. Soy milk has only about 25 calories in milk, a number that is much lower than other variants of milk available these days. It is even lower than the amount of calories in almond milk that come out to be about 40.

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