Calories in Alcohol

Weight loss is nothing but burning excessive calories present in the body. If you are an alcohol fan, then have you ever thought of the number of calories present in your favorite alcoholic drink? In simple language, one gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. So, just think how many approximate calories are there in one ounce! Taking alcohol is the best way to make you put on weight or in other words if you are in weight loss control.

Some people even start exercising to loose weight, but fail. This is only because they cannot live without alcohol. Whatever they burn while exercising, gain while drinking alcohol. So what is the use?

Calories in Alcohol

Here are some most common reasons to make you aware of the calories in alcohol and why it makes you fat:

Alcoholic beverages are so much packed with calories that whatever you burn while exercising; consume more than that while drinking. Along with alcohol you take regular food to fulfill the nutritional requirements of the body which gives added calories. This means weight gain.

Some people think that alcohol does not contain any sugar, but the fact is that it is packed with sugar. Also, it is the first thing in the body which is converted to fats. Hence weight gain. No doubt, alcohol is the first thing that is metabolized in the body, but it slows down the ability of body to burn fat. Metabolization of alcohol is done in liver and same is the case with fats. If your drink a lot of alcohol, your liver basically slows down and finally stops metabolizing the fats which are then stored in the body. Basically it hinders the fat burning process in the body.

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Alcohol makes you sleepy and you cannot do anything with full concentration after consuming alcohol. This means fewer calories burning, hence weight gain. If you take alcohol regularly then there is no doubt why you are fat and not able to loose weight even after severe exercise. Seeing the number of calories in alcohol, it is recommended that you take it artificial sweeteners or water.

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