Why Do People Think Calories in a Peach are a Good Idea?

With only 40 calories in a peach per 100 g, peach has a moderate energy intake, fruit means not providing more than 56 kcal. No need then to be deprived of its power refreshing and re-hydrating, due to 87% water it contains.In addition, it contributes to the re-mineralization of the body. Very high in potassium (200 mg/100 g), phosphorus and magnesium, it is ideal to fill these nutrition facts that we can quickly fail.

Nutrition Facts and Calories in a peach

nutritional values  from 100 g of peach are protein 0.7 g, carbohydrates 9 g, fat 0.1 g, calories in a peach  40 kcal. But it is especially an excellent source of pro-vitamin A: 100 g of yellow peach in fact covers half of our daily needs (the white peaches, they, are less well off). For a cocktail party full of this precious antioxidant, you can prepare such a salad mix of white peach, yellow and strawberries.

Its nice vitamin C (7 mg/100 g) is particularly interesting because it is associate with a strong presence of flavonoid pigments that promote assimilation. Peach is a more colorful, the more Calories in a peach it contains, especially around the nucleus. They do not affect the taste, but they contribute to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Finally, thanks to its abundant fibers (2 g/100 g) and very tender, peach gently stimulates the bowel lazy and weak. It is so soft that we can include it in the diet of young children at five or six months, calories in a peach, mashed or pureed.

Choose the right fruit  for the right amount of calories in a peach

Choose the perfect point because it ripens after harvest. One way not to go wrong: press it lightly, it must be flexible. No spots or traces of bruising, it smells fragrant. The color, cons, does not reflect the degree of maturity. Moreover, the fruits packed in crates with cells are preferred because they are protected from breakage.

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Keep it a few days, flat in a cool place. The refrigerator should be avoid because it kills the flavor and makes it fluffy. You can very easily against the frozen, peeled, halved and pitted so to keep up to eight months. Syrup, this period extends even to one year.

It is best to peel it before using to avoid ingesting pesticides than offset its beautiful velvety skin. One trick: dip your fruit 20 seconds in boiling water and then 5 seconds in cool water, the skin will withdraw on its own.

Eat it raw, nature, or in a salad with other fruits, it is a pleasure too sweet. The greediest add a scoop of ice cream and why not, a dash of caramel.

Cooked, it melts gently in your mouth. In Calories in a peach, crumbles, pies and pastries, it never disappoints. It revisits the classic tarte tatin and strudel by replacing the apple.

But you can also poach well, whole, or in a syrup of red wine. Or you can still stuff their preparations mumps Calories in a peach (made from ground almonds, macaroons or shortbread crumbs …) and bake.

It also is eaten fried in butter and sugar, maybe just found a touch of pepper. Light version, she is preparing in foil, either alone or with raspberries, just sprinkled with chopped basil. Or, she donned on skewers with melon and apricots, for fans of barbecue.

Undeniably delicious dessert, she uses throughout the meal. For a fresh entry, it arises in slices on a lettuce, all drizzled with yogurt sauce. Dare also married in strips of roasted pepper vinaigrette spiced identified. Duck, veal liver and crab dish: it was his best alliances, simply add it to the plate 6 to 8 minutes before the end of cooking. Scallops, white fish and poultry are also very good to him and low calories in a peach.

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She pureed for sauces or for making ice cream and sorbets. It gives juices and nectar scented. Alcoholic version, it is the basis of a liqueur, cream of peach, and water spirits.

Peach History

Five hundred years ago, peach was already present in China. She was a symbol of fertility and immortality. Peach crossed Persia, came to Egypt, where it was the result of Hippocrates, the god of silence. She eventually crossed the road to Alexander the Great, who brought with him to Europe. There is now cultivate since the Middle Ages.

But it was the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, France has become the center of this culture. There were over thirty varieties in the gardens of Louis XIV (including the famous “Belle de Chevreuse” or “Nipple of Venus”). Espalier plantings have emerged in this period.

This is the Restoration that many fine desserts took  low Calories in a peach, such as Peach Melba. Its creator, the chef Escorted, tried this dish simple and refined, such as the Australian singer Nellie Melba, who inspired him.

Today there are about thirty varieties that are differentiated into three main categories:

  • The yellow, the flesh is firm and sweet: Elegant Lady, Spine crest, O’Henry … they are perfectly resistant to cooking
  • The white, flesh and fine fragrance: Primrose, Dolores, Red Robin … more fragile, keep them to salads or compotes and jams
  • The peaches are smaller, soft and juicy, they have a nice purplish hue and aroma is powerful. Later, they arrive in our hills Lyon and the Rhone Valley between September and October.
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Yellow and white peaches are mainly from the southeast and western France since the beginning of June until September. The nectarines are neighbors of the fishery. Their skin is smooth and firm flesh. Only the flesh of the nectarine (from the Provencal brinho “plum”) adheres to the core. If they are of the same family, their flavor is often less sensitive than the fishery.


You can have fun to the energy balance of your diet. The fruits are generally low in calories, but they give us the vitamins and minerals essential for a balance diet. They are high in fiber digestion, and eaten in moderation, they regulate the intestinal transit through their fiber and acidity. Beware of dried fruit compote or jam and fruit pastes very energetic. Dried fruits will help in the effort during the break of your walks and excursions in the countryside with a glass of water.

Choose fruit market in your area or different areas of your city. Search the direct relationship with the producer, you’ll have plenty to gain for the quality, freshness and price. Search the fruits of the season, and when they are abundant, make your own jams and compotes you with little or no sugar. Wash apples, pears, oranges, cherries and all the fruit peel. They are often treated without our knowledge. Hope you got all the information about Calories in a peach