Facts About Calories in a Chicken Breast Everyone Thinks are True

The most common source of food that is used at restaurants, parties and dinners, etc. is “chicken”. Nowadays, chicken has become a major food item that is used all over the world and is also considered an important source of diet. This is one of the reasons why more fast-food outlets are been seen. There is a wide range of chicken recipes available now. Mostly, people eat the calories in a chicken breast, as it is a good source of proteins to improve health.

The chicken breast is very easy to cook and must be included in your diet. However, the first question that may arise in your mind is, why chicken breast is an essential to be included in your diet? Well, the answer is hidden in its nutrient values and calories in a chicken breast. The major nutrients and calories that are present in a chicken breast nutrition facts (3 oz) include are:

Calories in a Chicken Breast

  • · Total fats: 5%
  • · Saturated fats: 4%
  • · Cholesterol: 24%
  • · Sodium: 3%
  • · Proteins: 26.7g
  • · Carbohydrates: 1.7g
  • · Calcium: 12.9g
  • · Potassium: 220.2g

The total calories in a chicken breast are 142 while fried chicken breast contains 310 calories approximately. This makes it a very good source of proteins and an excellent source of other essential minerals, which include calcium, potassium and sodium. The people suffering from diabetes as it consists of 0% sugars can also use this. The very first nutrient, which enters in your blood stream, is the amino acid tryptophan, this amino acid make your body relaxes and makes you slightly sleepy. The chicken breast also consists of nutrient niacin. This specific nutrient protects the body against the mental-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

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Finally, calories in a chicken breast also contains vitamin B6, which helps to maintain body’s energy levels. A chicken breast provides all the essential trace elements, which are required by the body for proper functioning. Thus, a small piece of chicken breast provides you with a sufficient amount of energy. Although there are many advantages but the biggest disadvantage is that it contains a very amount of cholesterol and contributes to weight gains.

However, some people eat too much chicken being unaware of the calories in a chicken breast, therefore facing problems such as obesity. Therefore, in order to burn off the calories in a chicken breast you must exercise regularly. Some, exercises include: running, volleyball, rock climbing and golf. Such, exercises help you to maintain your body and weight. A controlled calorie diet includes 2500 calories per day in males, and 2000 calories in females per day. However, it certainly does not mean that food should be completely prohibited but should be controlled.

Therefore, for a controlled diet you must need to burn off some of the calories. The calories mentioned above in a chicken breast will help you to count your calories daily so that you can plan a better diet and this will also ensures that you burn a sufficient amount of calories in a chicken breast helping you to lose weight. Thus, calorie count of every food is very essential as it help you to become aware of what you are eating.