Calories in Grapes: Good for the Body, Just Like the Wine

The calories in grapes depend on the size of the serving. If you have at least a cup of those seedless grapes, it will be around 110 calories. It will be lesser, 106 calories, if the grapes contain seeds. Other amount of calories in grapes is presented below:

  • A 100 gram of black grapes will yield 265 calories.
  • A 100 gram of black muscatel grapes will yield 330 calories.
  • Calories in green grapes will differ on the kind of green grape that you have. A 100 gram of Cornichon green grapes will yield 235 calories, while the sultana green grapes have 255 calories.
  • The calories in red seedless grapes are 90.

Calories in Grapes and Their Impact

Calories in grapes are not the only thing that you can gain from eating the fruits. There are still plenty of vitamins and minerals, which your body definitely needs in order to remain healthy:

1. Red grapes contain resveratrol. Calories in red grapes provide you with enough power to boost your stamina, but another special component of the fruit are highly ideal for the heart. Resveratrol is known to prevent the development of coronary heart disease. This usually happens when the high level of cholesterol creates blockage in the blood vessels, and plaques start to build in the walls of your arteries. This means that there is no more steady supply of blood to pump into different parts of the body. Moreover, the heart needs to exert a lot of effort. In the end, a person suffers from a heart failure or stroke.

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The calories in grapes assure you that you will not only have the power, but you will live for a very long time because you are gifted with a very healthy heart.

2. The grapes are rich in antioxidants. Because of the environment we are in, as well as the different types of microorganisms that we accidentally invite inside our bodies, our entire being is polluted. This makes us susceptible to various kinds of infection, including serious ones such as cancer. When you take in calories in grapes, you are also increasing the antioxidants in your body. Their main role is to act like cleansers, getting rid of the free radicals or the “pollutants” in the body. The antioxidants also boost our immune system, so we can have the necessary equipment to fight infection.

Increasing Calories in Grapes through Red Wine

Why are red wines so much better than white? The former contain more grape skin, which then possesses resveratol. Thus, red wine is highly recommended for the heart. Besides eating these fruits in order to increase calories in grapes in your body, you may also want to sip some good wine, perhaps one or two. The wine will also help you prevent the development of certain types of cancer.

For those who are suffering from diabetes, meanwhile, they may want to lower down calories in grapes, since this fruit has a high level of sugar.