Calculating Calories in Salad

Calculating calories in salad is a tough task as it comprise of a variety of vegetables and fruits that have been mixed with different ingredients. In order to find the calories in salad, you would first have to check the ingredients which have been included in the salad. If it is a chicken salad, you would have to check the weight of chicken that has been put in the salad. In case it is a vegetable salad, you would have to check the ingredients and their weight for estimating the amount of calories in salad. Here, we are going to tell you about some of the most common ingredients in salad and their calorie content.

Calories in Lettuce

One of the most common ingredients in a salad is lettuce. This green, leafy vegetable turns out to be a good source of a variety of nutrients. It is widely known that lettuce has about 90% of water by weight, a fact that would put calorie conscious people at ease. The total amount of calories in lettuce comes out to be about 14 for a regular serving. The regular serving here is that of 100 grams of iceberg lettuce. The amount of calories in lettuce discussed here is that of iceberg lettuce, one of the commonly available variants of lettuce. In case you want to go for a healthier option, you can go for a romaine lettuce.

The romaine lettuce is a variant of lettuce that has higher content of almost everything, including calories. The calories in lettuce for romaine variant are about 18 for a similar sized serving. While this is higher than calories in lettuce iceberg, the same is true for all other nutrients as well. Therefore, you can say that the calories in romaine lettuce turn out to be healthier due to the presence of nutrients in a larger amount.

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Other Ingredients

Apart from the calories in lettuce, you would have to estimate the calorie content of all other ingredients that have been put in the salad. Tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, broccoli etc. are some other ingredients that are put in different types of salads. The estimation of calories in lettuce and all these ingredients would help you in calculating the total calories in salad easily.

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