Burger King Nutrition Tips to Stay Healthy

Usually when you think about Burger King nutrition facts, just as with any fast food chain, you don’t really consider eating a meal there as being healthy. However, there are some options that will surprise you and you can actually go on a diet and lose weight with Burger King food once you know what to eat, and when to eat it.

Happy family knows about good Burger King nutrition.First off, everybody always asks about the BK fries; many folks, after taking the Burger King Mcdonalds fries challenge pick McDees as the tastiest. I personally prefer BK’s fries because it’s simply a matter of preference for me. I like the crispiness, and it’s possible that I’m a little partial to them because my parents brought us up eating fast food almost always at the home of the whopper.

Burger King Nutrition Tips to Stay Healthy

The best way to keep your waistline in check, if you crave Burger King fries, is to only order the small size which contains 230 calories and 100 grams of fat. Still, I hardly ever order them except maybe once or twice a month because I know if I eat them regularly, I’ll probably explode!

To make matters worse, I love the BK onion rings and I have those also maybe once or twice a month, that’s it!

Anyway, lately I’ve been substituting my fries and onion rings with the kids’ apple slices, which only have 70 calories and zero fat. I simply ask the cashier to substitute it, and you know what? Evidently this is a common Burger King nutritional choice for many people.  Also I’ve been using BK coupons I get online.

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When it comes to an actual sandwich, I almost always forego any Burger King burgers and go for the Tendergrill Chicken sandwich. Since it only has 470 calories, when I mix in the BK fresh apple fries and a diet Coke, I only consume 540 calories. Now that’s pretty low cal with fairly low fat content (about 16 grams) no matter how you look at it.

Of course, it’s really easy to simply mix in a Tendergrill Garden Salad which includes 36 grams of protein; I definitely go very easy on the dressing to make sure I get the health benefits from it.

For breakfast, which for me is usually once a week at BK when I’m in a hurry (I eat a lot of oatmeal and cereal at home in the morning), I’ll have a pretty filling ham omelet sandwich which contains a measly 290 calories and a bearable 12 grams of fat, and a coffee with my Splenda. I stay away from hash browns even though they taste absolutely delicious, and sometimes I’ll substitute an order of french toast sticks which for me are pretty filling, with very little syrup (only 310 calories).

Getting back to lunch and dinner portions, I definitely stay away from the tasty Big Fish sandwich which delivers over 600 calories and 32 grams of fat, and I go for the delicious flame-broiled veggie burger; I wish I could make my vegetable burgers as tasty as they make them!

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