The Evolution of Brown Rice Nutrition Facts

Brown rice nutrition facts can be considered when you want to change your white rice into brown rice. White rice is the most important foods all over the world. In some countries, rice is uses as main substance of food. In some Asian countries like Indonesia which claimed that eat means eating rice. Brown rice refers to as whole rice, is the whole grain with the hull removed.

Rice is classified into some varieties like short, medium and long grain. The short grain makes rice feels so sticky, while the long grain is lighter and easy to cook as it separated. Brown rice nutrition facts is enrich with high nutrient . The difference between white rice and brown rice is not only the color.

The brown rice removes the hull inside the rice layers. This process does not damage the nutritional value of the rice and drop needless nutrient during the process. The most difference between white rice and brown rice is the milling process that removes the germ and bran within important layers. For instance, the process of producing brown rice nutrition facts do not damage the nutritional values within the rice.

Amazing Brown Rice Nutrition Facts

Brown rice actually has excellent substance such as manganese, copper, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus and niacin. The perfect milling transformed the brown rice into white rice technically can wipe out 80% of vitamin B1, half of phosphorus, half of manganese and other harm loss. That’s why the brown rice nutrition facts is healthier than the white one.

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The brown rice nutrition facts generally contain fiber, fatty acids, manganese, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B3 and many other essentials substance.

Health Benefits of Brown Rice Nutrition Facts

Below are some ways in which the nutrients within the brown rice nutrition facts can give you important health benefits for your body:

  1. Rich in Fiber and Selenium : Brown rice nutrition facts is rich of fiber to prevent risk of colon cancer as it is able to reduce the colon cells spreading cell. Selenium is contain immune function, antioxidant and thyroid hormone which can prevent you from various cancer as it contain cancer preventive system within. Selenium also associated with vitamin E acts as antioxidant system to your body. It makes selenium has important roles against heart disease, inflammation and arthritis.

  1. Manganese for the energy production : Manganese inside the brown rice nutrition facts can help to produce energy by taking it from carbohydrate and protein which is important to improve the nervous system. Manganese is containing vital part called superoxide dismutase that protect against free radical during the energy production.

  1. Lower type 2 diabetes risk : With its magnesium components within, brown rice nutrition facts can be use to prevent type 2 diabetes. By routinely consuming brown rice, the risk of type 2 diabetes will be reduced. It is also good to promote sugar blood stay healthy.

  1. Protecting from heart disease : Brown rice nutrition facts has phytonutrient inside. The phytonutrient typically has a component called lignans. Lignans acts to protect you from heart disease with its enterolactone part inside.

  1. A good source of fiber : Brown rice is generally enrich with lots of fiber to reduce cholesterol levels. Fiber in brown rice nutrition facts also can protect you from diabetes risk. It is also able to prevent colon cancer risk. Plus, the fiber can reduce the risk of constipation.

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With the essential components inside brown rice, now you’d better to change your white rice into the brown one. Since it has lots of important substance for your health, it’s worth to try. For instance,  brown rice nutrition facts are also useful for your health both inside or outside.

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