Myths Uncovered About Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Broccoli is definitely one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Although most children do not care about broccoli nutrition facts, but it is must be respect by adults for its many beneficial effects. Broccoli is full of nutrients the body needs, and has been shown to contain substances. That help reduce the risk of many diseases, including cancer. This vegetables is accessible almost anywhere and is one of the cheapest vegetables you can buy.

Vitamins A and C in Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Broccoli nutrition is packed with vitamins A and C. An average serving of broccoli provides 135% of the recommend daily intake of vitamin C. Which helps the body’s immune system to stay strong and healthy. Vitamin A on broccoli that is about 10% of the recommend daily intake. Vitamin A plays a role in keeping your eyes healthy.

Minerals in Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Broccoli nutrition facts has a variety of beneficial such as iron, calcium, potassium and minerals. For people who do not eat dairy products broccoli is a good way to get some of the recommend daily allowance of calcium its around 4%. Portion of milk has about 28%. Potassium in broccoli is around 8% of your daily need.

Fiber in Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Broccoli is a great source of soluble and insoluble fiber, which are necessary for optimal health. A middle portion of broccoli nutrition has about 9% of the recommended daily amount of fiber, about 2 g. Fiber is important for a healthy digestive system.

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Protein in Broccoli Nutrition Facts

A mid portion broccoli nutrition provides 3 g of protein. Which is about 5% of the recommended daily intake. Protein is require for building and maintaining muscle.

Calories and Fat in Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Broccoli nutrition facts is very low in fat and calories. A mid portion of broccoli has 0 g of fat and only about 30 calories.

Portion sizeWhile Serving Broccoli Nutrition Facts

The average serving of broccoli is the amount that would fit in your cupped hand broccoli nutrition facts. 

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