Broccoli Facts: The Ultimate Healthy Vegetable

Since the beginning, broccoli facts has been considered as a calciferous vegetable. That has a long list of benefits for your health and well-being. It has been used as a dietary supplement, as part of the diet itself. For wound healing purposes, and even for some procedures that are of a cosmetic background. However, it is only today that its benefits have been discovered to be far more potent.

Broccoli Facts : History

Broccoli facts started to be grown during the rise of the Roman Empire. But, it was actually only until the beginning of the 16th century that it was used widely in the entire European continent, starting out with France. Amazingly, still, it was not until the start of the 20th century that a relatively prominent family brought a box or two of this famous vegetable to Boston, gradually leading to broccoli’s popularity within the United States of America.

Today, you would not be surprised when you hear that broccoli is being used in different dishes that come from varied cultures. The main piece of information, out of all known broccoli nutrition facts, that drives this vegetable to its current fame is that it is literally loaded with a wide array of minerals and vitamins. To make the long story short, broccoli facts would give you a long roster of nutrients that have been known to make you healthier and stronger.

Broccoli Facts : Vitamins

When you read broccoli facts, you would realize that it has been scientifically proven. To contain huge amounts of B3 or Niacin, B2 or Riboflavin, B1 or Thiamine, B6, B5 or Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These vitamins, individually, are important for the maintenance and general health of most of your major organs and sensory organs. Now, when put all together, they become much stronger in battling potential invading pathogens.

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Aside from these vitamins, a small serving of broccoli facts can also give you Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Iron. These minerals are very important as they regulate the normal levels of your fluids and electrolytes within your body. When you lack, or have a low amount of, these particular electrolytes, then nutrition facts broccoli should be always part of your everyday meal.

Broccoli Facts : Minerals

You will be surprise to know. However, that these particular minerals and vitamins are not only found in only small trace amounts. As reflected in broccoli facts. In fact, when you let scientists examine a small piece of broccoli. You would discover that such a small bit of this vegetable is jam-packed with nutrients up to the brim.

For instance, an ounce of broccoli facts actually contains much more Vitamin C. As compared to the ascorbic content of most citrus fruits. Plus, broccoli also has more calcium than a whole glass of milk. You no longer have to drink a full glass of milk. Because all you have to do now is to eat broccoli. This way, you are still able to maintain normal levels of your calcium. Without having to tolerate the many effects of lactose.

Moreover, when it comes to fiber, broccoli facts is far more fiber-rich than a piece of whole wheat bread. Although this may sound a bit unbelievable, especially to those who are not particular eaters of broccoli. Scientific data would tell otherwise.

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