Why You’ll Never Succeed at Blueberries Nutrition Facts

Blueberry are delicious! No wonder, they are not only popular as a fruit but as an ingredient in baking cakes and desserts. There are also other foods with blueberry flavor like muffins and yogurt. It is not surprising to know that many food corporations try to use blueberry in their products, it is because of the benefits it provides. Yes, blueberries nutrition facts is so vast and here are some of the proofs:

Blueberries Nutrition Facts

  • Nutrition facts blueberries contains vitamins A, C, and E. It has beta carotene, manganese, and magnesium. Do not be surprised by the fact that they are rich in fiber but have a low content of saturated fat. However, this is just some of its nutritional details. According to the latest studies of many professionals, blueberry was believed to have the highest anti-oxidant content among the known species of fruits and vegetables. Thus, eating blueberry will help us prevent cancer and other cell damaging disease.
  • Nutrition facts for blueberries have anthocyanins. The anthocyanins are responsible for the blue coloring of blueberry. Many people thought that they do not contribute to blueberry nutrition; but they do! Anthocyanins are anti-oxidants that trim down the chances of having heart disease or cancer. Though, you will see this anti-oxidant present in other plants; blueberry claim to have the highest content. Aside from serving as anti-oxidant, anthocyanins can also fight the E.coli bacteria.
  • Nutrition facts of blueberries have chlorogenic acid. It is also an anti-oxidant responsible for slowing down the release of glucose in your bloodstream. No wonder, this is an advisable fruit for diabetic people. It will not only help you with your glucose production but it also combats the harmful free radicals in your body. Thus, it has a great contribution to blueberry nutrition.
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With the presented blueberries nutrition above, we can finally say that these berries are not just delicious but they are also beneficial.

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