10 Best Protein Sources Other Than Chicken

Are you tired of eating the same old grilled chicken day after day? Do you want to add a new protein source in your daily diet? Don’t worry, here you’ll find the 10 best protein sources. These sources will surely add some much-needed variety in to your daily meal plan. Here they are:

10 Best Protein Sources Other Than Chicken


You can grill your shrimp, or sautee them in extra virgin oil or organic butter. You’ll love them with some veggies. They make the best protein source.


Most people eat eggs almost everyday in different forms. They are the best protein source and easy-to-cook. Do not waste the yolk and eat the whole egg because egg yolk is rich in nutrients. It has tons of vitamins and minerals. It can make your egg taste better.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains twice as much protein as regular yogurt. Eat the plain variety of Greek yogurt and sweeten it with a packet of truvia or stevia (if you’d like).


This fatty fish is packed with a ton of protein and a healthy dose of uber-healthy Omega-3 fatty acid. Fry it, grill it or you can eat it however you like.


This “other” white meat is just as proteinious and lean as chicken (when you get the right cut). Eat the boneless chops and remove the outer fatty edge.

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Ground Turkey

It is super lean and good for chili. Mmmm… Yum!


All types of beans have loads of protein. They include red beans, black eyed beans, black beans, navy beans, kidney beans, lentils and the list goes on and on. They are inexpensive source of protein, so you can easily buy them and fulfill your protein needs. They are rich in fiber and they are low glycemic. You can add them into your turkey chili, or into any other meal.

Chicken Sausage

It is an excellent choice for your carb and protein meals. Most people don’t notice the difference between chicken sausage and regular pork sausage.

Grass-feed Beef

This beef is rich in CLA, which is a special fat that has actually been shown to result in “fat loss”. It tastes really good and it’s great for your figure.


It is incredibly lean with the taste of beef. It is an excellent source of protein. It makes an excellent ingredient for protein and carb meals. You can add it into your meals when you want to limit the fat content of your meal while still want to pack a mean flavor punch.

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