Top 7 Benefits of Saw Palmetto

For long, saw palmetto has been used as a nutritious food for health. The abundance of saw palmetto nutrition comes from various vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. If you are wondering what health benefits of saw palmetto are, this article will help you answer that question. Here are top 7 benefits of saw palmetto that you can get if you consume it on a regular basis:

Promoting Immunity – Benefits of Saw Palmetto

One of the best benefits among various health benefits of saw palmetto is that it can promote the immune system. If you often get mild conditions sore throats, colds or coughs, saw palmetto can help you fix those problems. It has also been proven that consuming this fruit is capable of reducing migraine and headache. It is because saw palmetto contains an anti-inflammatory property which is able to lessen discomfort and pain.

Treating Hair Loss – Benefits of Saw Palmetto

Testosterone is one of the most notably hormones of men. In testosterone, there is a property named Dihydrotestosterone or DHT which is the key reason of hair loss in both genders. If DHT accumulates in the hair follicle, your hair string will gradually become thinner. In some cases, it can result in hair thinning, hair loss, baldness. It has been proven that saw palmetto is excellent in blocking an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which is responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. So, if you want to have thick beautiful hair, don’t forget to add saw palmetto to your daily diet.

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Boosting Kidney Health – Benefits of Saw Palmetto

Another wonderful thing among various saw palmetto health benefits is its ability to enhance kidney health. When you get older, all organs in your body, including the urinary organs become weaker, which lead to incontinence. Many studies have found that saw palmetto is loaded of strong chemical properties which are able to make the urinary organs stronger and therefore eliminate incontinence. In addition, it can boost the kidney health. So, it is advisable that you consume saw palmetto supplementation to keep kidney stones at bay.

Supporting Breast Enlargement – Benefits of Saw Palmett

Many people, especially women will appreciate saw palmetto for this reason. Many researches have shown that it can accelerate the generating of prolactin, a female hormone, which is created by the pituitary gland which is capable of promoting the growth of growth and production of milk if you are in breastfeeding period.

Preventing Prostate Cancer – Benefits of Saw Palmetto

One of the most important saw palmetto health benefits is to fight prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is among the most common reason causing men’s mortality, which is similar to breast cancer in women. Prostate cancer is linked with the enlargement of prostate. This is more likely to happen when men get older. Saw palmetto extract is excellent in decreasing prostate enlargement by eliminating dihydrotestosterone, which boosts the reproduction of cellular in prostate. Therefore, it can reduce that the risk of formation and growth of prostate cancer as well as lessening urinating pain and discomfort feelings associated with prostate issues. Furthermore, saw palmetto is also powerful in accelerating healing process and inhibiting bleeding for those who are having a prostate surgery.

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Enhancing Menopausal Period – Benefits of Saw Palmetto

It has been a common knowledge that the level of estrogen and progesterone in women get lower during menopausal period. This makes women feel uncomfortable and more likely to be stressful. Don’t worry because saw palmetto can aid in preventing the uterine tissues and vaginal from becoming weak, which is known as an irritating side-effect during women’s menopause.

Combating Acne – Benefits of Saw Palmetto

If you have ever read about saw palmetto nutrition facts, you know that this fruit is a source of Dihydrotestosterone hormone which not only causes hair loss as but also sebum in the skin. When your body produces too much oil on your skin, it tends to get more clogged pores as well as acne and blackheads. Saw palmetto can work to improve these problems and give you beautiful and bright skin.

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