Benefits of Blending Up and Eating Raw Foods

As processed foods become a regular routine of everyone’s diet, it’s also managed to be an incredibly unhealthy alternative to eating right. When it comes to processed foods, you’re consuming products that’s been deprived of any nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it had to begin with. Raw foods counters this.

The closer a food is to its natural state, the healthier it will be when eaten. This is where blending your raw foods into healthy shakes come in. Besides, not only is raw food a great way to maximize your efforts to dieting, they’re also very low in calories and very nutritious. In fact, those of you who eat raw foods have a much better chance of maintaining a healthy weight, as well as improving your immune system and reducing the symptoms associated with aging.

Eating Raw Foods Boosts Your Health

Some nutrition is stripped away when foods are cooked. The heat involved in cooking will alter and destroy the vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and fats that would normally be preserved if they were raw. It doesn’t necessarily destroy everything healthy, but it does change your food’s nutritional value significantly.

Eating raw also plays a big part in helping you avoid mutagens and carcinogens. These are formed during the cooking process. The belief is that the high heat and smoke from cooking is linked to the causes of stomach and colon cancer.

Eating raw food can also make it easy for you to reduce the amount of calories you consume on a regular basis. Raw foods don’t have any added fats and sugars (or what is known as empty calories). Most raw foods are actually low in fat by nature, containing natural sugars. Because of this low concentration of calories, raw foods make it possible to sneak in some extra food, allowing you to eat more and feel full while still controlling your weight. You can easily do this by taking five minutes out of your day to blending up a few fruits and vegetables to satisfy that need for when you binge eat.

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Raw Foods are Convenient

When it comes to blending, raw foods require little to no preparation. All it takes is a thorough washing before eating raw (and cooked) and some minor slicing and dicing, depending on what kind of juicer or blender you’re using.

Anything non-organic might contain harmful chemicals that need to be washed off before consumption. There are certain fruits and vegetables that are capable of retaining more toxic chemicals than others, like peaches and apples, which have been tested positive for excessive chemicals.

You’ll also discover that you’ll spend a lot less time washing your food than you would cooking it. And not to mention the clean-up fuss isn’t nearly as much since you’re not using pots and pans that can get splattered and dripped on. Eating raw food can easily cut down your cleaning time to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal.

Eating raw food can have great flavor that’s rich and bold. If you’ve ever eaten an egg straight from your chicken coop then ate one from the store, you’ll know what that taste is like: healthy and vibrant. Same goes with fruit and vegetables. In fact, sometimes there can be too much flavor!

Last but not least, let’s not forget about saving money when eating raw foods. Blending fruits and vegetables means you’ll almost never throw away anything that’s rotten. And if your fruits or vegetables start to go bad, just pop them into your next smoothie.

Incorporate Raw Foods Into Your Diet

Don’t assume cooking is wrong, because it isn’t. Certain flavors can only be achieved by doing so and there are some foods which can’t even be eaten safely unless it’s in contact with heat. But try incorporating raw foods into your diet more often. You’ll be able to maintain your weight, stay healthy, and eat great food in the process.

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