Ben and Jerry’s Nutrition Facts

Ice cream is something sweet and delicious that almost painful to be rejected by everyone. Ice cream has been known in various parts of the world; each product has its characteristics and variations. One of the most famous producers in America is Ben & Jerry, a brand known for its unique flavors.

Ben & Jerry’s is a phenomenal franchise that has spread all across the globe and famous for its ice cream. Also, the brand offers novelty products that made by Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings, Inc. The ice cream company has produced dozens of unique and different flavors of ice cream. One of the favorite characters that many people enjoy is salted caramel, peanut butter fudge, cookie dough, boom chocolatta cookie core ice cream, etc.

Ben and Jerry’s Nutrition Facts

But do you know how Ben and Jerry’s nutrition facts? Because Ben & Jerry not only produce ice cream, the nutritional content is different. So this article will discuss Ben and Jerry’s nutrition facts from one of the most famous products of Ben and Jerry, ice cream.

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream Nutrition Facts

Because the taste of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is overwhelming, then the first example will be taken from the taste of Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core that became the favorite of many people. The ice cream contains 290 calories, consisting of 57% fat, 6% protein, 38% carbs. The calories in this product are very high for the diet in a day. Calorie numbers are present in half a cup in a single serving. So, if you spend more than half a cup, the calories consumed by your body will be twice as much. Fat, carbohydrate, and protein contained in this ice cream are good, but often consume this one, will unhealthy for your body. The calorie content of each flavor will vary. Then you need to be selective as well.

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