Beetroot Benefits – The amazing beetroot

The many awesome benefits of beetroot. There are so many benefits of beetroot, it truly is a wonder vegetable. Beetroot is known as a natural detoxifier and blood cleanser. Beetroot is rich in a number of nutrients that are vital for the full and efficient function of your immune system. Beetroot encourages the production of antibodies to fight against free radicals and other disease or infection in your body. Beetroot (also known as Beets) is also high in nutritional iron which helps to facilitate creation of red blood cells and helps to move oxygen towards your cells, enabling the body to repair itself. Beetroot also contains other minerals such as manganese which is important for the formation of interferon that is an important anti-cancer substance.

Beetroot are bright red because of the betanin pigment found in beets. This pigment is also known as prominent anthocyanin antioxidant and it helps to ward against heart disease and cancer by combatting free radicals. These antioxidants also help provide foundation support for your liver and kidney function. Beetroot also is high in fiber (dietary fibre) which is important for heart and intestinal health.

Let’s get into it a bit deeper, what are the key health benefits of beetroot?

Eating beetroot increases your stamina and can help you exercise for longer periods, according to a study in the United Kingdom. The nitrate in beetroot leads to a reduction in oxygen intake, making longer periods of exercise possible! Beetroot is also good for reducing blood pressure, research has even shown that a daily beetroot can improve hypertension and prevent heart disease.
Beetroot also has an amazing cleansing power and the ability to increase your haemoglobin, as well as cleansing the waste products in your blood and bloodstream. Don’t be scared of beetroots bright red color, this is natural and won’t affect your body in adverse ways.

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How can you serve beetroot?

It is best eaten cooked and the vinegared, grated into a salad, or perhaps shredded among-st the leaves of a scattered vegetable entree. Beetroot is also great in juiced form, try it with a touch of lemon and apple, for a refreshing beverage.

Have a good quality juicer handy, and be prepared for a red mess.

It is rare in today’s society to find someone who actually dislikes beetroot. Statistics show it is growing in popularity along with the swede, the parsnip, and the turnip as previously misunderstood vegetables.

Let’s talk about Betacyanin, which gives beetroot its startling red hue. This molecule is very good for your body, particularly your colon, which is part of your digestive system. Your Liver also craves beetroot, because of the anti-oxidants and free radical fighting ability that it is rumored for.

Have you ever heard of Europe? It is a place near Africa, where Beetroot is very popular and often sold in large calico sacks. The Europeans used to buy and sell beetroot to the Prussians and this is where Borscht developed.

Borscht is beetroot soup, flavoured with sour cream, boiled with onion and vegetable stock. Tasty, no? Try some for yourself and you will understand why the Polish and their descendents are so numerous amongst the European peoples, vibrant and succesful in business and life. This could be because of the fact they eat HEAPS of beetroot.

There is truly no denying beetroot’s wonderous health benefits!

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