The Only Banana Nutrition Facts Resources You Will Ever Need

If you love fruit and you’re trying to eat healthy, you may find yourself in the grocery aisle pondering the all-important question: How many calories in a banana nutrition facts? It’s a good question, because bananas are recognized as one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. Banana contain valuable nutrients facts and also have the added benefit of making you feel full if you’re on a diet.

Finding out how many calories in a banana nutrition facts is a good start to a healthy diet, because you’ll be educating yourself about a health-giving fruit that should be a regular part of anyone’s daily intake.

How Many Calories in a Banana Nutrition Facts?

Small (< 6 inches) 81 0.3 75
Medium(< 7.8 inches) 120 0.4 104
Large (< 9 inches) 140 0.4 120

It may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t realize that the calorie content of a banana nutrition facts depends. The calorie content can differ greatly among small, medium, large and extra-large size of bananas. Small bananas contain around 75 calories. Medium-sized bananas that are seven or eight inches long usually contain around 90 calories. Larger bananas  contain around 120 calories. Extra-large bananas with size an inch or two longer contain about 135 calories.

Banana Nutrition Facts:  Calories

While it’s important to ask “How Many Calories In A Banana Nutrition Facts”, it’s also important to consider the many nutritional benefits that bananas can bring to the daily diet. Bananas are a valuable source of potassium, fiber and manganese. Banana nutrition facts also contain large amounts of vitamin B6 and the all-important vitamin C.

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Likewise, this same amount of banana nutrition facts has 0.36 milligrams of vitamin B6. From 100 grams of banana contain 20.4 grams sugar. However, sugar fruit is healthy source of energy when consumed in a balanced diet. Best of all, banana nutrition facts are low in fat, so it’s a perfect fruit for those concerned about weight gain.

Banana Nutrition Facts: Calories & Weight Loss

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or concerned about maintaining a healthy dietary regimen. And so you are being aware of how many calories are in a banana nutrition facts will serve you well on the road to healthy living. As with any other food, it’s important to keep a perspective on how well you balance your food intake.

No matter what type of dietary restrictions you may have, chances are that you’ll still be able to enjoy bananas at least several times a week without being concerned about the calories in a banana nutrition facts.

Bananas are not only delicious and exceptionally nutritious; they’re also quite inexpensive and readily available all year round. Because of these factors, many nutritionists consider banana nutrition facts being the perfect fruit for everyone.