Banana Nutrition Keep Our Beauty and Healthy

Banana is the easiest fruit that we find in the place around us. Besides of the taste is delicious, it turns that banana also has good nutrition for the human body. The banana nutrition is in addition to functioning the human body health, bananas also keep our skin seems beautiful and stay in healthy. This yellow skinned fruit has a sweet taste. Banana has different kinds of bananas and a variety of sizes.

Banana Nutrition Is Very Important For Our Body

Besides that, the function of banana nutrition for our body is very important. There are kinds of bananas, such as banana jackfruit, banana horns, banana fields, banana milk, banana plantains, banana gold, and many other types. But to get the benefits of banana, you need to carefully choose. Because only a ripe banana nutrition facts that can change blood sugar into glucose naturally, and quickly into the bloodstream.

Banana Nutrition can Replace Our Breakfast Menu

In the morning when we are busy with our activities which wasting times very much, sometimes we do not have time to do breakfast. Many people are replacing the menu of breakfast with a banana because it more easy and fast to do. By eating banana, we fell satisfied because banana has carbohydrate, banana nutrition that is substitute for rice. In generally, banana nutrition contain of 99 calories, 25,8 mg of carbohydrates, 1,2 grams of protein, 0,7 grams of fiber, 8 mg of calcium, and 0,2 grams of fat.

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What is Banana Nutrition Contain?

In addition, banana also contain of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and water. Folic acid in banana nutrition is very good if consumed by pregnant women, because it is very easy to absorption by the fetus or baby candidates. But of course we should pay the attention the number of bananas that consumed by pregnant women. Because of in banana calorie content ranges from 85 to 100 calories, an amount large enough for baby candidates.

Banana Nutrition is Beneficial For Our Beauty Too

On the other hand, banana nutrition is also beneficial for our beauty. As in the other fruits, like avocado, yam and cucumber, banana nutrition is also often used for a face mask, or to overcome the damaged hair and smooth skin. Banana also has a role in reducing or increasing people’s weight. If you want to lose your weight in easy way, in every day you should eat four bananas and four glasses of non fat milk or liquid milk in a day. This menu is quite healthy for your body. In addition to weight loss, diet use banana also helps skin become cleaner and not oily.

Consume Banana Nutrition Can Increase Our Weight of Body

And also who want to increase the weight of body, you should consume a glass of banana shake mixed with honey, nuts and mango. This menu when consumed every day will help raise the weight of the body. Banana nutrition also can prevent the stroke. Banana nutrition can easily to be digested, the sugar contained in this fruit is turned into a great source of energy quickly, and that’s good in the formation of the body, to the working the muscles, and is great for relieving of the fatigue. So, as an alternative meal if we do not have time for breakfast or as substitute rice for diet, you can choose a banana. It is because banana nutrition is very good for our healthy and also for the beauty of our skin.

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More About Banana Nutrition