Banana Nut Bread has Good Nutrients for Us

You feel confused to think about the right snack for your family when comes to your home? Or maybe you want to relax in the afternoon accompanied by a delicious snack? You do not need to worry. You can choose the banana nut bread. This bread is available at a cake shop or you can make your own, because it is not difficult to make. You can see a sample recipe on the Internet or in cookbooks are sold in the market.

Banana Nut Bread Are Healthy Diet

In addition to its delicious taste, banana nut bread also has a healthy diet. Banana nut bread recipe determine the protein, calories, vitamins, fats and minerals contained in the banana nut bread. Most banana nut bread has a basic recipe powder, sugar, bananas, eggs, (oil, butter or margarine) fats, nuts and yeast agents such as baking soda or baking powder. Banana nut bread has very nutritious components. This is because bananas are a fruit that has potassium chloride, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin B6. Potassium Chloride is a natural diuretic, which serves healthy cardiovascular system and balance the body metabolism. Fiber serves to facilitate digestion. Vitamin C serves helping with the immune system and fight disease.

In addition, vitamin C also serves to produce bone and connective tissue, and helps absorption of iron. Vitamin B works to convert carbohydrates into glucose and produce energy that can be used by our bodies. While vitamin B6, or can be referred to as B complex, which serves to convert glucose to produce energy, and helps metabolize fats and proteins. This vitamin is important for healthy nervous system, hair, eyes, skin, liver and mouth. Besides that, bananas contain natural fruit sugars and low in calories. Two of these components together can help lower blood sugar and controls appetite.

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Besides bananas, the basic ingredient of banana nut bread is nuts. Nuts are commonly used in the this recipes is the walnuts and pecans. Nuts contain essential oils and fats which have a function as an antioxidant. In addition, nuts have anti-inflammatory fatty acids and non-cholesterol. Besides peanuts and bananas, other ingredients commonly used in the manufacture of banana nut bread is wheat powder. Whole wheat flour has a protein content, vitamin B, folate and fiber.

Banana Nut Bread Are Delicious and Rich in Nutrients

Banana nut bread is the delicious food and rich in nutrients, but sometimes there are some ingredients that make banana nut bread has little content that is not healthy. When the banana nut bread given excessive refined sugar so much saturated fat contained in the powdered sugar. With the use of oil, butter or margarine to make the calorie content is too high. But do not worry. I have got some solutions for these problems. You can reduce the refined sugar that you add the banana nut bread and replace the use of oil, butter or margarine with applesauce. By using safe ingredients that will make your banana nut bread is safe for consumption.

After you know the contents of nutrients contained in each of the ingredients used in the manufacture of banana nut bread, you can take your own conclusions about this foods, health or not. But clearly, the banana nut bread is perfect enjoyed with tea or coffee. And could be an option