Baking Soda Nutrition Facts and Its Health Benefits

You might possess at least one box of baking soda in your home now. If you are like many Americans, you may have a box in the pantry, one in your fridge to flush out odors and another under your kitchen to use for cleaning. However, due to huge baking soda nutrition, it can afford numerous health benefits and therefore you might want to place another box in the medicine container.

Baking Soda Nutrition Facts

  • Calories – There are no calories in baking soda, which turns out to be good if you know how to count calories.
  • Carbohydrates – Baking soda contains no carbs, no sugar, as well as no fiber.
  • Cholesterol – If you are noticing cholesterol, you should know that one serving is loaded with 0 mg, which can make your diets healthier easier.
  • Fat – Baking soda is a healthy food if you look out your fat intake. There is actually no fat in this food.
  • Minerals – In fact, baking soda is not packed with remarkable source of calcium or iron. Also, there are 1258.56 mg of Sodium presenting in baking soda.
  • Protein – One serving gets no protein
  • Vitamins – Baking soda does not have a significant amount of Vitamins A or Vitamins C.

Health Benefits of Baking Soda


Due to containing properties, baking soda is effective for reducing acid indigestion, severe acidity and heartburn. It aids in relieving from symptoms of peptic ulcer disease. Its alkaline properties are also highly recommended for lowering the amount of acidity in urine and blood.

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Due to baking soda nutrition consisting of sodium, bicarbonate is confirmed in case of diarrhea where there is a huge loss of the bicarbonate from the body.

Cold and flu

Diseases which are linked with cold and flu are prevalent across regardless of any ages. In this case of situation, healthy diet and careful health care can possibly banish and protect the human body from these ailments. Baking soda is beneficial as well when it is used for offering relief from cold and flu. A nasal wash done with the mixture created by mixing lukewarm water, salt with baking soda is beneficial to wash out the mucus from the nose. This practice should be repeated two to three times per week.

Feet care

Applying baking soda with essential oils may help in protecting feet from microbial infections and bad odor. Research study has suggested that aromatic powder oil compound which are loaded with baking soda, arrow root and essential oils banish the yeast, fungal and bacterial growth.

Bladder infections

One of the most effective health benefits of baking soda is it also help reducing risk of bladder infections. The situation of bladder infection are popular and they are caused by bacteria breeding well in the bladder. This comes from these micro organisms thrive in environments that are acidic and dump. You can stop this kind of infection or treat it fast by grabbing a mixture consisting of baking soda and water.

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