Boost Your Energy with Baked Potato Calories

Do you want to know the real baked potato calories? On the average, a medium-sized potato, baked and without toppings, will be 161 calories. The calories in a baked potato are actually dependent on the other ingredients that you used together with it. For example, if you’re combining it with bacon or meat, the baked potato calories will definitely go up.

Baked Potato Nutrition and Baked Potato Calories

The calories in a baked potato are usually perceive as to high by many, and it could be because of the use of other fattening products, such as whipped cream and butter, margarine, and toasted sesame seeds. If you’re going to take them away from your diet and simply rely on the real baked potato calories, then you will discover how effective this food can be in helping you manage your weight a lot better. Here are the following reasons:

It is very low in sodium content

Don’t mistake it. Sodium isn’t really bad. You still need a little bit of salt in your body, if you have much of it, it wouldn’t be good either. You can potentially develop hypertension and coronary heart disease, as well as kidney failure. What you may want from the baked potato calories is additional potassium, which potatoes are definitely high of. In fact, it has a much higher content than bananas, which are recommended by doctors to those who have very low potassium levels. Thus, baked potato calories are needed so you can have the energy that you need to perform your tasks every day, as well as maintain a good metabolic rate.

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It’s a great source of fiber

Fiber is not used by the body, and thus, they normally go out of the body as waste. However, it becomes a lot easier for you to remove these toxins when you have high fiber content in your body, which is then provided along with the baked potato calories.

It keeps your blood cells healthy

If you’re suffering from anemia, you need to increase your baked potato calories. This is because baked potatoes are highly rich of iron, which helps in the production of hemoglobin for the blood. This will prevent the development of anemia, which renders a person to become easily tired or nauseated over something.

It is a carbohydrate

Baked potato calories don’t mean fat. Rather, they are equivalent to carbohydrates, which are extremely need by the body. These complex carbohydrates are transform into body fuel or energy. They can also help build muscles and maintain your stamina after a very long day. If you are in a strenuous exercise, you can gorge on baked potato calories than chips, which contain saturated fat or bad cholesterol.

So how many calories in a baked potato? It’s enough to help you get by each day while remaining healthy at all times. Along with the baked potato calories are the various kinds of vitamins B6 and C, as well as trace minerals such as chromium, selenium, and manganese.