Bacon Calories: The Excellent Way to Maintain Your Weight

A lot of people are afraid to add bacon calories into their diet for one simple reason: they perceive the meat as fat. Thus, anything fat is already considered bad for the health as it can increase cholesterol level, making them susceptible to different kinds of serious illnesses including hypertension.

What a lot of people may not know about is that the calories in bacon are actually pretty small. This is because bacon is lean meat. It doesn’t contain a lot of fat as other types of pork or red meat that are available in the market. In fact, bacon nutrition is considered to be part of a normal and healthy diet. This way, you really don’t feel deprived of meat.

Calories in a Bacon

As to how much bacon calories you could gain from this meat will depend on the slice or the size of the strip. One thin slice will normally measure 12 grams, while 1 thick slice will be around 38 grams. The bacon sandwich calories, if you’re going to use a vegetarian bacon, will be less than 30 grams. If you’re really on a very strict diet, the bacon calories should be equal to a tablespoon of bacon bits.

The Benefits of Bacon Calories

Let’s talk about bacon nutrition facts. Do you know that this is the most perfect option for you on you weight loss plan? As mentioned, it has very low caloric content; thus, if your diet requires higher dose of lean pork, then the ultimate choice will be to add more bacon calories. It can also help boost your energy, as bacon calories are very easy to burn and use. It can also increase or maintain a good metabolic rate.

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Bacon is also a very good source of iron, and this is highly important because blood cells need iron. Bacon is also a lot better than plant foods, since it’s a haem iron, which means it can easily be absorbed by the bloodstream and be used for whatever purpose. Moreover, bacon can also cure iron deficiency, which can lead to headache, fatigue, and weakness. A person suffering from anemia may want to increase his or her bacon calories to counter his or her illness.

How to Save on Your Bacon Calories

When you want to decrease your bacon calories, the best option is to purchase those that contain less fat. You will know it by checking on their food labels. You can also lessen bacon calories through plenty of exercise, so the remaining fat will not immediately go to your muscles and be stored as fat deposits.

There are two sources of bacon calories these days. You can settle for pre-cooked and the traditional bacon. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pre-cooked are more convenient for those who are living a fast-paced lifestyle, as bacon can just be heated in a microwave oven for few minutes. The only problem is that this type of more expensive than traditional bacon.

Regardless, though, it’s still advisable that before you gorge on bacon calories, you have to cook the meat well. This is to remove any bacteria or microorganisms that may have grown in the meat.

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