Insane (But True) Things About Avocado Nutrition Facts

If you’ve been curious about avocado nutrition facts, then you’ll be surprise to hear these facts. Did you know that an avocado has about 20 vital nutrients that aid in a healthy lifestyle? Moreover, these wonder fruits are bursting at the seams with potassium, fiber, B-vitamins, folic acid, and Vitamin E. Not many other fruits can boast such impressive offerings.

Not impressed? Well, you should know that avocados can REDUCE the chance of Cardiovascular Disease. Even the American Heart Associate recommends this fruity delicacy, by saying five servings of fruits and vegetables should be consumed per day. But it gets better

There are a bunch of avocado nutrition facts that everyone should know because otherwise you might end up missing a fruit that might actually save or prolong your life. Avocados should be include in every healthy diet. Contrary to popular belief, they are actually much better tasting than people believe. The misconceptions actually surface when false information start being spread about the terrible taste of an avocado. Which is exactly why it is not as popular as other fruits.

Health Benefits Of Avocado Nutrition Facts

But in reality, an avocado might be the most complete fruit out there, ranging from its exotic color, leathery texture and shine, to its refreshing rich taste, vital phytochemicals and nutrients. A truth about the avocado nutrition facts that cannot be argue is that it has everything must to fight cancer and other types of illnesses.

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There are over 13 vitamins that body needs and most of these are found in avocado nutrition facts. This article will now give you an in-depth look at all avocado nutrition facts and how they affect our health.

Nutrient Content in Avocado Nutrition Facts

Many people criticize the fact avocado nutrition facts (next to olive oil) contain the most monounsaturated fatty acids (near 20%) Programs and fad diets. Like weight watchers say to avoid such foods like the plague, but that’s a total falsehood. Fats have often always met with a certain taboo that has stuck with us through the decades. But be aware, monounsaturated fats are vital in a healthy lifestyle.

Mono-unsaturated fats are present in an avocado nutrition facts and these actually help to lower the overall cholesterol levels in the body. These fats are a great substitute for saturated fats. Which are actually a cause of high cholesterol.

Vitamin K in Avocado Nutrition Facts

There is an abundant amount of Vitamin K in the avocado which is fat soluble. The major role of vitamin K is about Blood Clotting and how it helps to promote. Another one of the avocado nutrition facts that is still being tested is that the Vitamin K in avocado helps to strengthen bones in the elderly. Almost one-fifth of the daily

Folate in Avocado Nutrition Facts

Folate on avocado nutrition facts is the nutrient responsible for the healthy development of tissues and cells. Which are why avocados are necessary, have food during pregnancy and infancy.

Potassium in Avocado Nutrition Facts

Another very important nutrient is potassium and there is no shortage of it in an avocado. Avocado nutrition facts tell us that due to the potassium present in the avocado. It can get as an electrolyte, which provides us with instant energy.

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Furthermore, potassium on avocado nutrition facts also helps with other functions of the body such as metabolism and proper function of the organs, tissues and cells.

Vitamin E in Avocado Nutrition Facts

Vitamin E is also a fat-soluble vitamin that is a perfect antioxidant that keeps the tissues and the cells of the body protect from damage cause by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable materials that can destroy cells, organs and tissues and play a major role in our bodies as we age. Which is why it is important that we have more and more avocado nutrition facts as we age.

Another interesting fact is that vitamin E on avocado nutrition facts actually helps the body make efficient use of vitamin K. Which clearly depicts to you magnificently this fruit has made.

Sodium in Avocado Nutrition Facts

High sodium content is prevalent in myriads of foods know of days (especially processed “food.”). That’s why it’s ever so important to keep an eye on just how much you consume . In fact, avocado nutrition facts barely have any!

Avocado nutrition facts don’t contain much sugar, and void of starch. It’s the perfect fruit for diabetics. The tons of fiber (most of any fruit) will greatly help with digestion too. You’ll be energize by the high carbohydrate count. While also benefiting from the slow-burning healthily fats

Other Vitamins in Avocado Nutrition Facts

Other vitamins included in the avocado are vitamin B6. Which helps the body produce antibodies that helps strengthen the immune system and vitamin C. Which is another one of the many antioxidants that helps to protect and repair cells and tissues. These avocado nutrition facts should be more than enough to persuade anyone. To add this great fruit to their daily diet.

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Avocados Nutrition Facts – The Healthiest Fruit?

You can’t go wrong with avocado nutrition facts. They’re much more filling than something like a banana, and give more energy and nutrients than something like an apple. That’s why people feed them to babies! They’re just so nourishing!

Wondering if avocados can help you lose weight? They can! Are you’re interesting in finding out more about losing weight and avocado nutrition facts?