Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts

People who like to drink green tea must be familiar with the well-known Arizona Green Tea. The Arizona Green Tea is also available in some flavors such as; Mandarin Orange, Pomegranate and Georgia Peach. The Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts stated that it contains some vitamin C and other antioxidant compounds. The other drink which contains a real fruit in it may have many nutrients, however, the Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts also comparable, let’s juts figure it out now.


As we know, a bottle of Arizona Green Tea is about 8 oz. For one bottle of it, it claimed that it contains 25 percent of vitamin C. Like some of the other compounds in green tea, vitamin C works as an antioxidant in the body, preventing cell damage by harmful compounds called free radicals. Even though it does not contain as much vitamin C as one hundred percent fruit juice or whole fruit, it does make a modest contribution to your nutrient intake.


For every bottle of Arizona Green Tea, it contains 19 grams of total carbohydrate. As we all know, every Green Tea beverages are free of fiber that considered a complex carbohydrate. Subsequently, Arizona Green Tea will not keep you as fulfilled throughout the day as some other drinks, such as fruit smoothies since fiber is the one who keeps you full.


As you may need to know, a bottle of Arizona Green Tea also contains enough amount of sugar compared to some other sweetened beverages, as well as vitamin C; this drink is a reasonable way to you an enough amount of antioxidants for extended, tiring day.

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Last but not least of Arizona Green Tea Nutrition Facts, there are 70 calories in every bottle of Arizona Green Tea.

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