Why No One Talks About Arbys Nutrition Facts Anymore

When the Raffel brothers purchased a restaurant equipment business from an uncle in the 1950s, Arbys nutrition facts information was the furthest thing from their minds. After quickly becoming one of the leading consulting firms in the food service industry, the brothers caught wind of the growing fast food industry and decided to get in on the action with something other than hamburgers.

Sixty-nine-cent-a-piece roast beef sandwiches in Boston were the inspiration for the beginning of their menu. And the name Arbys was spun from the initials R and B, for Raffel Brothers. When dining at Arby’s it’s wise to use the Arbys nutrition facts information available so you can avoid consuming too many calories and trans fats, and too much sodium and sugar.

Arbys Nutrition Facts : Scale Down

Arbys is widely known for their Roast Beef Sandwich, load with cheddar cheese and bacon. As delicious as this may sound, you can do better by ordering the Junior Roast Beef on Arbys nutrition facts menu which has 270 calories. The Roasted Chicken Fillet Sandwich is the healthiest option if you don’t want beef and has 380 calories per sandwich.

Arbys Nutrition Facts : Skip These

Many Arbys sandwiches are load with bacon and cheddar sauce. But Arbys nutrition facts information shows that both sandwich toppers pack a walloping amount of fat and calories. Aside from the high level of saturated fat, bacon and cheddar-topped sandwiches also contain high levels of sodium, which contributes toward high blood pressure.

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Arbys Nutrition Facts : Smart Market Fresh Picks

Just because something is label as “fresh” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Arbys nutrition facts menu offers Market Fresh Sandwiches and Market Fresh Salads. The sandwiches each contain 30 grams of fat, which is way too high for one food item. The Market Fresh Salads offer better Arbys nutrition facts, according to the information provided. Each salad has between 130 and 400 calories. Bring your own fat-free dressing to save calories.

Arbys Nutrition Facts : Know Your Sauces

According to Arbys nutrition facts information, their packets of extra sauce aren’t that bad calorie-wise. But if you need to steer clear of excess sodium, then it’s better to skip the sauce. Barbecue and Buffalo sauce has up to 15 calories and between 300 and 700 mg of sodium. Arbys famed horsey sauce is lower in sodium, containing only 150 mg of sodium but has more calories at 100 per packet. Stick with mustard for a better, all-around choice.

Watch out for excess sugar, sodium and fat at Arbys. If you’re willing to be extra vigilant about your food, then Arbys nutrition facts can be added to your list of fast food options.