Approximate Calories in Romaine Lettuce

The determination of approximate calories in romaine lettuce is essential, particularly because people believe that romaine lettuce is much better than iceberg lettuce. Iceberg and romaine are two types of lettuce that are widely popular around the world. However, recent discussions have shown that there is substantial difference between these two lettuce types. We are going to take a look at this by comparing the amount of calories in lettuce with that of calories in romaine lettuce. Apart from the calories in lettuce, certain other aspects of nutrition would also be compared across each other. For romaine lettuce, it has been estimated that the calories in lettuce come out to be about 18. With 2.1g fiber, 1.2g protein and 0.3g fat, the romaine lettuce turns out to be a healthy option for people.

Calories in Iceberg Lettuce

In order to compare the two types of lettuce, let’s start with the estimation of calories in lettuce, iceberg variant. It has been established that the calories in iceberg lettuce comes out to be about 14 per 100 gram serving size. Although this is about 4 calories lesser than calories in romaine lettuce, we can easily say that the difference between two is nothing substantial. Other than the amount of calories in lettuce, there are some other factors that need to be compared. As per the lettuce nutritional information, you would find that the iceberg lettuce has about 1.2g fiber, 0.9g protein and 0.1g fats.

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While this is lesser than the numbers available for romaine lettuce, it can be safely said that the two lettuce variants are in the same department. The difference between the calories in lettuce variants, and other nutritional factors, is nothing substantial and you can easily have one of the two variants for all the health benefits.

Lettuce Recipes

Although the amount of calories in lettuce is quite low, some lettuce recipes can really screw this number. A regular serving size of 100 grams lettuce has about 14 lettuce calories, but this number can be increased by the different ingredients that are used in the recipes. Cheese and other such products can really increase the amount of calories in lettuce recipes. Therefore, it is essential that you try to find the total amount of calories in lettuce recipes, instead of finding calories in iceberg lettuce or calories in romaine lettuce.

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