Things About Applebee’s Nutrition Facts Your Kids Don’t Want You to Know

Applebee’s is a modern-day version of the sit-down family restaurant with a variety of entrees, meals, appetizers and desserts. Since they began partnering with Weight Watchers, the menu and Applebee’s nutrition facts information guide show many options that help you eat out without eating unhealthily. Whether you choose the Weight Watcher options on their menu or use the nutrition information guide to help you make healthy choices, it’s possible to enjoy a healthy meal out with your family. These suggestions can help you get started on deciding what to eat and what to avoid.

Applebee’s Nutrition Facts : Under 550 Options

Applebee’s nutrition facts information lists several meal options that are under 550 calories per meal. These include meals with shrimp, steak, salad and chicken. If you need to watch your sodium intake, be sure to check this when selecting one of the under 550 calorie options.

Applebee’s Nutrition Facts : Signature Appetizers and Entrees

The Applebee’s signature Weight Watchers menu options list points and Applebee’s nutrition facts information to make it easy for you to choose a meal. Healthier cooking methods, smaller portions and lower-calorie side dishes allow you to choose a well-balanced meal that doesn’t skimp on taste.

Applebee’s Nutrition Facts : On the Side

You can save yourself hundreds of calories while dining at Applebee’s. If you ask for sauces, dressings and toppings to be serve on the side. While they offer many health-conscious menu options based on Applebee’s Nutrition Facts, they also use a lot of creamy, buttery sauces. Ask to have them served on the side or withheld altogether.

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Applebee’s Nutrition Facts : Let Your Cooking Preferences Be Known

Healthy Applebee’s nutrition facts guidelines show that frying food adds a lot of empty calories from fat. While taking away from the nutritional value of the food. They are willing to accommodate your cooking preferences, so let the server know you’d prefer to have something broiled, grilled or sautéed.

Applebee’s Nutrition Facts : Cut Calories in Half

The eyes are usually bigger than the stomach so the large meal you want to order on Applebee’s nutrition facts is likely to be too much to eat. Instead, ask your server for an extra plate and share a large meal. Although some restaurants frown on this practice, they are not one of them. If you’re dining alone, ask for the kitchen to have your meal before it’s serve. And place one-half of it in a box to go.

By becoming informed and planning ahead, you can eat healthfully at Applebee’s nutrition facts, with or without your family. Be your own healthy food advocate and to get acquainte with the best options on the menu. So you won’t be tempted to throw caution to the wind when you get to the restaurant.