Answering How Many Calories in Milk

For answering how many calories in milk, you would have to take a look at a variety of things. The first thing that you would have to take a look at is the type of milk that you have used in your preparation. There are different variants of milk available these days and they are known to vary in the amount of calories present in them. Once you have identified the category of milk, you need to see the other ingredients in the glass of milk. Not everyone likes to drink a plain glass of milk, and you can find various concoctions designed by people for fulfilling their milk needs. Cereals, milk chocolate, coffee etc. are some ways through which you can take milk. Here is a look at how you can find the total amount of calories in milk by checking the ingredients in it.

Calories in Milk Chocolate

The most common way through which people like to take milk is in the form of milk chocolate. The calories in milk chocolate depend upon the different ingredients that have been chosen. And the type of milk that has been used. Assuming the regular serving size of 100 ml, we can find the total amount of calories in milk by checking the milk that has been put. Generally, people tend to go for the low fat milk while making calorie intensive drinks like milk chocolate.

The amount of calories in nonfat milk comes out to be somewhere around 30 for a glass of 100ml. You can even use semi skimmed milk that has about 50 calories per 100ml of milk. Other than the milk, sugar, chocolate syrup and other such things would also influence the amount of calories in milk. Overall, the calories in milk chocolate would come out to be somewhere between 80 and 100. Depending upon the type of ingredients you have used.

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Soya Milk

If you wish to cut down on the amount of calories in milk. You can make use of soya milk for your daily milk needs. Soya milk has a substantially low amount of calories in milk, bordering between 20 and 25. Through these nutrition facts mentioned above. You can definitely find an accurate answer to how many calories in milk you are taking daily.