Almond Flour Nutrition Facts

Almond certainly becomes one of the delicious nuts over the world. It is often served with cookies, chocolate, cake, or ice cream. Even today people start to use almond flour to make their cook more delicious. For you who never use almond flour before, this flour is originally made of blanched almonds that are processed into flour. Besides it is tasty and has subtle texture, almond flour nutrition facts are also great for our health. It has the same nutrition just like the whole almonds, and as you know, that almond has more nutrition than any other nuts. Learn about the almond flour nutrition facts below, and see what benefits that you can get from its nutrition.

Almond Flour Nutrition Facts and Its Benefits

Talking about almond flour nutrition facts, just like other flours, calories become the most nutrition contained in almond flour. In every 30 gram of almond flour, it provides about 18 calories along with 15 gram of total fat. It is really can boost your energy. However, not only calories and fat that you can get here but almond flour also high in protein and carbs. For the protein, almond flour has about 7 g of it, and 5 g of the carbs. Vitamins such as calcium and iron also can be found in almond flour nutrition. It consists of 80 mg calcium and 0.5 g iron. Almond flour is also very significant for its vitamin E, a good antioxidant that can help in supporting your immune and protecting body cells due to free radicals.

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With that high nutrition, it becomes reasonable why almond flour can offer many benefits. By consuming almond flour, it is indirectly helping you reduce the cholesterol level, heart disease risk, blood pressure, and blood clots risk. It happens because almond flour is free from cholesterol and has high health nutrition. For you who like cooking, almond flour can be a perfect choice for grain-free baking. The excellent nutrition of fat and protein makes it a perfect choice for fast cookies, bread, cakes, and others.

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