Is Almond Butter Good for Health? : Almond Butter Nutrition Facts

Almond is one of the peanuts that can be easily found as butter. One of you might like almond butter as the favorite one. Compare to other peanut butter, and almond butter has higher essential fatty acids. However, this high level of fat in almond butter will not affect to your weight since it contains unsaturated fat which is good for your heart’s health. So, it is important to know more about almond butter nutrition facts. By knowing its nutrition fact, you can know how much nutrition contained in each almond nut butter.

Is Almond Butter Good for Health? : Almond Butter Nutrition Facts

In almond butter nutrition facts, it showed there are so many nutrition contained. Here are some nutrition contained in your favorite almond butter:


For the first, almond butter contains high protein. In each two tablespoons of almond butter contains 4 gram protein. It is suitable for your structure of the body. In the protein of almond butter gas several amino acids which have benefit for ingestion. Different from another type of nuts, the almond nut has more protein even in the small serving. If you want to increase your protein supply, you can add more serving for almond butter.

Vitamins and Minerals

Besides, contain high protein. Actually almond butter also contains fat soluble vitamin and water soluble. You need these vitamins and minerals for your body. In one tablespoon of almond butter, it contains 1 gram of dietary fiber, 4 grams of total carbohydrate, and 100 calories. Moreover, in the almond butter nutrition facts are formed from some good vitamins. There is 10 percent of magnesium, 2 percent of niacin, and eight percent of phosphorus. Also, in each serving of almond butter contains folate, zinc, calcium, and iron for 4 percent in each serving. It must be the greatest one for consuming it regularly.

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