Acai Berry Juice

From deep in the heart of the lush Brazilian rainforest, a little known berry is making its mark in the world of nutrition… as a superfood! Pronounced “ah-sigh-ee,” this is a fruit you’ve likely never even heard of before.

Because studies have shown that this exotic little purple berry to be one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world!

What is the Healing Superfood?

This antioxidant-packed botanical is considered to be one of the richest nutritive fruits of the Amazon. Acai is harvested from an Amazon palm tree known scientifically as Euterpe oleracea. It is a common tree in floodplain area of the Amazon River. Natives of the region have been consuming acai for centuries. The acai berry is so revered by them—the palm tree is known to them as “the tree of life.”

Although recent studies have touted the health benefits of acai, the Brazilian natives have long known of its amazing healing and nutritional properties. Historically, they have used acai berries to treat digestive disorders and skin conditions. The native Amazonians also claim acai is a natural aphrodisiac!

The acai berry juice tastes like a vibrant blend of berries and chocolate. Its unique taste alone makes the fruit a delectable treat. When ripe, the berries are dark purple and about the size of a blueberry. A thin layer of edible pulp surrounds a large seed. However, the magic of the acai berry is hidden in its royal purple pigment that makes it perhaps one of nature’s perfect energy fruit.

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The Acai Berry Juice and You

Sports Illustrated (September, 2003 US women’s edition) rated acai as one of the “41 best things on earth,” and called it the “best fruit you never heard of.” Well, you know of acai now… “Ah-Sigh-Ee!” The Health Sciences Institute describes acai as “nature’s perfect food.” And tributes to the health benefits of the acai berry are now appearing from all corners of the globe. With the introduction of the latest processing technologies to the Amazon region, and the advent of cold logistics, the distribution of acai is now possible across the globe.

You now have the opportunity to experience what the amazing acai berry juice can do for you after adding it to your daily dietary regime. Discover for yourself what the Indian tribes of the Amazon basin have known all along.

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