Acai Berries, Capsules Or Juice: Which Is Best?

Acai berries by themselves appear pretty unimpressive: they’re tiny, grape-like, and dark in color. Barely the raw material of the health food story that is going around making this little berry out to be some sort of superhero among health foods. But the truth is, acai berries are surprisingly good for you! Weight loss aside, they raise your metabolism, make your skin and hair feel and look better, give you more energy and have tons of great things that make your body feel lighter, quicker and better altogether.

Acai Berries, Capsules Or Juice: Which Is Best?

The thing is, besides the natural berries themselves, there are heaps of other forms you can get Acai extracts in. The debate that’s in vogue at this time though, is what’s best, juice, berry or capsule? Here a few reasons for and against each of those forms, to help decide what will work the best for your lifestyle:


Acai berry juice is convenient and simple since you can just swap it for your morning cup of juice. It’s also a good way to rehydrate yourself throughout the day. Juice also tastes awesome, and is sometimes combined with other fruit juices which will give you the goodness of more than one fruit all in one bottle. However, some users say that the added preservatives are not to their liking.


The berries are commonly available but also spoil quickly. The benefit of purchasing the actual acai berry is you can use it in recipes of your own (try this recipe), by combining acai berries with other fruits in a salad, or making a more creative use of them in cupcakes, puddings, crepes, smoothies and breakfast cereal mixes. The problem with berries is they bruise simply and as asserted before, they spoil quickly as well. Frozen berries are available though, should you really want to try the fruit in its natural form.

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Acai capsules are certainly convenient, because you can take one wherever you are. If you don’t like the flavour of the berries (and there are some who don’t) or the juice, or want to avoid the preservatives in juice, then capsules are a good option. Some capsules contain additional chemicals though, which if you don’t want them, you should check what they are to avoid them. Pure acai berry extract capsules are available nonetheless if this option seems the best one for you.

The thing to be sure of is that the product you are purchasing, whether it’s in any of the forms listed above, is 100% pure acai. There are far too many people who have found out that what they paid real money for isn’t essentially doing them any good. But if you stick to reputable websites and stores, with accreditation and some standing in the market, then you ought to be capable of finding a good source for all of your acai berry requirements.

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