7 Engagement Party Trends You Can Expect Post-COVID


You were probably asked not just once about your plans for your big day which is your wedding day. You might encounter peer or family pressure as you get near the date you have chosen to tie the knot. You might also be wondering why everyone is concerned about your special day when in fact there are a lot of wedding coordinators out there and there’s nothing to be worried about. Slow down, breathe and remind yourself that you don’t need to answer each question thrown at you and you don’t have to decide immediately about getting married. Why not plan for an engagement party first before dealing with all the details of marriage. An engagement party basically is an optional part of the wedding and it’s main purpose is to share the good news of being in love with your close friends and family. Typically, an engagement party is done one to three months after the proposal. You can keep the occasion simple as if you are not planning for two weddings. Get inspired with the engagement party trends I have written in this article that will surely fit everyone’s love story along with the invitations to match the event.


Virtual engagement

Corona virus hits the economy and the social life of all the people in 2020 until the time being. Virtual meetings and events become the new trend for public safety and security. For virtual engagement, you just need to gather your family and friends and announce the good news with the use of computers or modern technology. Virtual engagement parties should be more organized than a classic cocktail party. It doesn’t have to be complicated though, you can just let the couple share their proposal story and have a few rounds of trivia to see how well the participants  know them.

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Starry Starry Night

A star themed engagement party at the rooftop of your home is the perfect way to get your friends and family dazzled for romance. This is a kind of party for star and glitz and glamor lovers. Wear your fanciest and glow in the dark outfits under the moonlight. This is however recommended for a full starry-night effect. You would still be able to maintain social distancing with ease as you celebrate the event with only chosen friends and few family members.


Pajama Party

There’s nothing more comfortable than wearing your sleepwear on the couch and watching romantic comedies in a row. Keep the party going by cooking delicious breakfast like pancakes, waffles partnered with as much syrup as you can. You can do this with your 5 to 10 choice of family members or friends. You wouldn’t want to be gate crashed by COVID 19 so be mindful of the minimum health protocol and limit the number of your visitors.

Role Playing Engagement Party

Create games like charades or role playing with the couple engaged. Pretend that you’re having a proposal again and see how your audience will react. Choose interactive games that will ease boredom of your visitors.


Backyard Engagement Party

A backyard engagement party is more of a classy and budget-friendly garden party with chosen friends and close family members. Ensure to serve healthy food during the party and some greens that will boost your visitor’s immune system. This is a helpful way of fighting the pandemic and also keeping you fresh as you draw near  your special day.

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Movie Night Engagement Party

Celebrate your engagement day with a cinematic love story or a knack  for the dramatic. Do it while observing social distancing.

Scavenger Hunt Engagement Party

This is a fantastic way of bringing everyone closer together whether online or in-person in a socially distanced manner. You can arrange your guests into two teams head off in search of clues. The clues should lead to something that is important to the relationship of the bride and groom, all up until the last hint. End of the game could lead to a dinner party where all of your family and friends can celebrate together which can lead to a big reveal of the engagement.



An engagement party basically is a party to celebrate the newly engaged couple. It is a celebration of love and welcoming of new family members on each side of the bride and groom. It  also  kicks off the couple’s journey to a married life. The most important part of this occasion is the promise of commitment of the couple who wish to live together. It’s not the fancy gifts that matters, for husband-to-be, you can choose to buy an affordable engagement ring online or in a layaway plan and for the bride-to-be, you can opt to buy a wrist watch that could match the outfit of your future groom.

The engagement party is the perfect way to announce the news to your close friends and family members. Pick the one that will suit your budget and enjoy the memories that could last forever.

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