5 things to know before going on a Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a way to reconnect you to yourself. Mostly, a yoga retreat is known all about vacations, enjoyment etc. But it is not only about enjoyment, but also about to find yourself. A retreat can be local but often involves a tour to a location that offers you group yoga activities. So, here are 5 things to know before going on a yoga retreat, as it is about to discover yourself

See, what’s on your mind

First of all, you’ve to think about what you want with a yoga retreat. It can be a break from early life or can be a discovery of inner power and relaxation. According to this mindset, it will decide what type of this trip should be. If it is only for a break from regular life than it is better to choose a hotel or a tour. If it is about to inner power discovery than Aashrams or monasteries will be the best.

Choose your destination

After finding the reason for a yoga retreat, it’s time to decide the venue or the location. The venue can be a hotel at the beach areas or the mountainous if you take it as a vacation. There are many Ashrams in India to discover relaxation and peace of mind. Nowadays, there are many online websites, tours and travels that offer you the best destination as you want. These can help you to choose the location as per your needs. The destination should be chosen based on expenses also. The retreat should not be so expensive. It should be according to your mindset and should be in your budget.

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Find out about the instructor

You should find out about the teacher, who will help you with yoga at the destination you’ve chosen. The teacher should match your needs for the retreat. He should know your purpose of this yoga retreat. He should match with your personality. He should be professional in it. If you plan your yoga retreat, and the instructor would not be able to help and co-operate with you than the trip can be ruined. So, you should know well about the yoga instructor, his capabilities and his qualifications.

Choose what kind of yoga you will do

After choosing the destination and the instructor, now you have to choose what kind of yoga you will do there. Yoga has many kinds like pranayama, asana and meditation, which called Dhyan. The pranayama is related to control of breath. Asana is related to physical yoga. Physical yoga is important for the flexibility of the body. The dhyan (meditation) is related to mental yoga. To improve mental capacity, meditation is the best option.

The kind of yoga should be chosen based on age, health and capacity of the body also. Different type of yogas is made for different age groups. For example, at the age of fifty and above, are advised for pranayama and asana. Students are advised for physical yoga and meditation. So, like your age and capacity, you should choose the kind of yoga. You should take two or three classes a day or as the instructor.

Stay away from technology

It is a yoga retreat. Time to discover yourself, time to live only with you, not your mobile or any other techniques. You should stay away from these. As you are here for the peace of mind or vacations. Whatever is the reason, but the technique should be far from you during the tour. Here you meet new people, make new friends, new relations get existence. In that case, mobile and the other devices make you the regular person who comes here to discover himself. Here, you can connect with nature. You can enjoy the scenes. You can talk, walk and read. You can talk to yourself. You can meet with yourself, meet that guy who has lusted in the virtual world. For discover yourself, firstly you will stay away from the virtual world. You should leave technology, mobile, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can find yourself after quit all these things.

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In short, it can be said that the purpose of a retreat is to allow yogis to deepen their practice without the distractions of life. Yoga retreats can also be considered as temporary breaks from everyday routine which typically lasts for a weekend, and in some cases for a week and even more. On the whole, a yoga retreat is a complete treat to the mind, body and soul and gets oneself close to the spiritual world while understanding its essence. With the guidance of an instructor or guru, the yogis learn to let go of distractions as they immerse themselves in asana, meditation and pranayama practices.