3 Nutritional Value of Dates

Dates are one of the favorite fruits which have numerous benefit for our health. Not only one benefit, but more than three benefits that can you get from dates. For your information, dates have long growth. It needs three to five years for a palm dates to fruit. Then, it is not the end process since we have to wait more than 12 years later to make it fully mature. With this long wait, there are so many benefits from the nutritional value of dates.

The Magnesium Source in Dates

The first nutritional value of dates is magnesium source which has the function to help your blood pressure regulated well. So, by consuming dates for daily will make your body has well blood pressure. It is recommended for men in an age of 19 30 to consume 400 milligrams of dates every day and people above 31 years old can consume 20 milligrams more every day. Meanwhile, consuming dates also good for women, especially for pregnant mothers. Women in an age of 19 to 30 are highly recommended to consume 310 milligrams of dates every day while women above 31 years old can consume 320 milligrams of dates every day.

Otassium Powerhouse in Dates

Dates also have potassium in each pile. This nutritional value of dates has function as the essential mineral. This essential mineral is good for metabolizing carbohydrate, building more proteins and muscle, and also for controlling the acid-base balance in your body. As its benefits, dates has function as the protection of body’s health from children to adults.

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Carbo Load in Dates

Besides magnesium and potassium, dates also contain carbohydrate. It has more than 225grams of carbohydrate. So, it will be the best choice for your supply as your primary energy source. Then, it will cover up more than 45 percent of calories that you need.

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