1 Egg Nutrition Facts and Its Benefit

Eggs are food ingredients that are widely consumed by society in general. Also, the eggs are also very well known as foods that have a very high protein source.1 egg nutrition facts content of the egg contains more than 90% calcium and iron in its egg yolk and one egg contain 6 grams of high-quality protein and 9 essential amino acids. For more details about the 1 egg nutrition facts and its benefits. Here’s a more detailed explanation that you can easily understand.

1 Egg Nutrition Facts

One chicken egg has various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, riboflavin, Iron, vitamin B6, vitamin B12,  folic acid, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and a very high source of protein. Also, the content contained in the yolk itself that contains vitamin A, D, and vitamin E is very beneficial for the skin.

The benefits of chicken egg

In addition to 1 egg nutrition facts, there are some advantages of eggs that must be known such as:

  1. Eye Health: For those of you who want to keep you healthy, then you should be able to start to consume the egg every day. Because rubberoid in the egg has benefits to maintain eye health.
  2. Maintaining Pregnancy: The content of choline contained in chicken eggs also has benefits to keep a person’s condition of pregnancy. It contributes to fetal brain development and helps prevent congenital disabilities. So it is highly recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to consume eggs one grain every day.
  3. Helps Brain development: Egg yolk is one of the best sources of vitamin B-complex and choline known as one of the nutrients that can help the functioning of the nervous system. It is also very useful for brain development in the fetus when consumed by pregnant women.
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That is all the explanation about 1 egg nutrition facts and also the benefits that we can get from an egg.

More About 1 Egg Nutrition Facts